Dividing his time between writing, recording, touring, and farming , Jeremiah has charm and passion that play well on the stage and beyond. He has, toured with his previous band “From Joyce” nationally with the X Games, been featured on TV and print commercials with Harley Davidson, Budweiser, and Crown Royal, and was the recent star of Country Music Television’s show Sweet Home Alabama. 

Growing up one of ten kids on his family farm, in Minnesota, Jeremiah developed a strong work ethic and sense of community.Dividing his time between writing and recording, Jeremiah funnels his drive into learning to play the guitar, piano, and drums, graduating college with a degree in music. After turning down a deal by a boutique record label, Jeremiah moved to Southern California to pursue the majors. In Los Angeles he spent several years playing music and honing his sound on Hollywood Blvd, appearing in national lifestyle brand advertisements, and running with the young Hollywood scene.Making the move to Nashville has been the best part of his music career! His unique blend of Country and Rock is a catchy tribute to farmers and country living! While still running his farm the songs come from a genuine reality of what country is all about! Check out any of his new songs on iTunes and visit his fan pages Facebook, Twitter and CMT!

Korfe hits Top Ten List for second time!

Korfe hits Love of music began early, continues to rock his world today! by Marlo Benning
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“Country Music in the Fields of Minnesota”

In the Arts and Entertainment Section of the Morrison Country Record
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